Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2015

The Poor Corn Of Sand~by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio



The Poor Corn Of Sand

I am just a poor corn of sand

Tiny and fine for the palm and hand

Cry for justice, the nation must understand

Be brave, it’s your turn to reach your hand


This poor corn of sand have also a heart

Have a right to live, on earth to take part

To all adventures and journey, let me start

For dreams realization, to dare but with smart


Please look at the poor corn of sand at

Longing for habitat in your heart and knot

In impetuous wheel of life and all of that

Like a child to a mother´s care in the mat


The poor corn of sand need your attention

You are the lights of land, a lifes protection

The steerman, the power and hope of nation

To open your heart and soul for the mission


A poor corn sand can also be a cause

Sweet revenge when the eyes  kept closed

Give love and time to learn the secret laws

For the betterment, honour of Nation in its flaws !!

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