Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2015

Who Am I?~by rldubour



Who Am I?

The wonders of life, why are we here? Who am I?
Am I not but one person? One body and soul, constantly reaching for the sky.
Searching for the true meaning of life, to be or not to be.
The beauty life gives, to open my eyes and believe what I see.
Is this all a big dream this life that  we live

Is love not enough what else can I give?

If I only knew the secrets of life, what a much better man I would be.
I would take all the pain and hide it so well, no one could ever see.
The heartaches and sorrows, will just throw them away.
To bring all the tomorrow’s of love ever after, this is what I would say.
But I cannot change this world or the thoughts of mankind.
Only myself and the thoughts in my mind.

I can handle life’s pressures and all of her stress.
For I know I am I, I must try my best.
To touch someone’s heart and fill it with laughter.
To touch someone’s soul with thoughts ever after.
If I only knew the secrets of life, what a much better man I would be.
I would treasure and cherish each passing moment what life has to offer me


Who am I? Can someone tell me please?
I am not but one person, one body and soul, that tries so hard to see.
To see what’s before me with each step I take.
To have the knowledge to correct my mistakes.
To be kind and gentle, loving and giving, this is what I see.
To be thoughtful and sharing, honest and caring, all this I want to be.


  1. Another great poem Ron! I enjoyed reading this poem and made me have thoughts of my own life. Thanks for writing. Brother Dan

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