Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2015

……….A Trustworthy Heart………~by Vinod Kumar Mishra



……….A Trustworthy Heart………

She says,I sound sweet,I look well young,though untouched,
True,none has yet touched me where heart weaves a desired face,
One day,she came me across,I felt she is an abiding breeze at dawn.

She says I’m a unique pen,a smooth stream of ideas along a silent sea,
Indeed,none has yet ignited the flames likely to fade out,untrimmed prodigy,
At sunset,she appeared as a vesper at church,I felt she is a votive patron.

She says I’m a crown to the queen,a remote image in an unknown bed,
In fact,none has yet called me with the aptest address as if I were singular,
At twilight,she offered me delight to last long,I noticed I’m an anointed king.

She says I’m a home to developing blossoms in filial boughs supple,
In all,none has yet seen me at the window that opens to the expanse,
At the break of day,I beheld her walk across the garden forbidden for all.

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