Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2015

“Children of misfortune”~by Eddie Pop



“Children of misfortune”

Don’t you see those homeless children calling for help?
Can’t you feel the tears of those kids needing our help?
So many orphans starving while we’re watching,
In our streets, under bridges, they are just begging;
The world seems deaf to their calls letting them suffer,
We all stay still while they need the most a gaffer;
I just wonder, where is our caring human heart?
What happened to the love we gladly shared in art?
Those children did not choose to be now what they live,
Life imposed this on them with nothing to believe;
All they need is some dear attention from us all,
All we have to do is to answer their help call;
Haven’t you seen those poor dying babies in the news?
Aren’t you touched seeing them walking days with no shoes?
We fill our bins with foods while they silently starve,
We sleep for fun when a nap for them is a strive;
Those fruits we waste for baths can save them from hunger,
The money of weapons can give them a shelter;
Instead of saving those children, we are at war,
People! Please! Save The Children should be our common war!


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