Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2015

Daily missive for Monday the 27th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 27th of April.

How much is seen
In the play of the day,
In the run through life?
What gets left behind
In the transition
From this to that,
As we embark, with the barest
Understanding of humankind
As a concept,
And the impact
Our journey has
Made on its surroundings.
Frozen into the fabric
Of our days,
Layered with subtle indentation,
Become fossils,
Ascribed with possibility
And bereft of experience.
Even the tears we shed
Become apologists
For our failings.
We stumble through shadows,
Meanings, obscured in mystery,

Failing to grasp
The significance
Of a participation
In the distraction
From the purity that lies
In a search for purpose.
Life becomes a lie
We tell our children
To keep the wolf
From the door.
And the quest
We all began together,
Following our own paths,
As fresh faced neophytes,
Newly formed, bright lights,
Wide eyed,
And full of the
Wonder of things,
Gradually peters out,
Into a scramble for survival.

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