Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2015

Melting Teardrops~by Norman Wilson



Melting Teardrops

Her tears melt into the snow
While her love melts from under
As a sprinkle of snowflakes fall
In a multitude of unknown number

She grieves into a lace handkerchief
That cannot catch her last tear-fall
As the thunder from her pounding heart
Creeps onto a coffin six feet tall

Wood grain mahogany on the outside
Satin lining draped within
Where her man now lies forever
While her final tear, drops on her chin

She was just sixteen when they fell in love
He was only eighteen years of age
They have been together for sixty years
Before she laid him in his grave

Her time now is memories and sorrow
With no dry handkerchief to spare
As she gives no thoughts of tomorrow
For her man will no longer be there

She will cry into the snow banks
Until her flowing tears melt away
Hoping the sun will rise again
When she will join her man someday

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