Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2015

The Day leaves for the night~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Day leaves for the night


when a tired day leaves for the night,
the sun starts setting in the west,
the evening star & the galaxies come to greet,
the day forgets its existence,
in the milieu of galaxy’s presence,
the night lulls the day to sleeps,
with the cool moon beams the stars peep,
the night covers itself under the starry jacket,
the huge carpet hiding the queen in embrace under the dark carpet,
sleeping in the fathomless beds of the night,
the day again wakes at the dawn leaving the night,
the morning birds sing alarm bells,
for the day to wake up from the nights’ fairy tales,
the blissfull moods of the dawn,
welcome to the backyard the eternal sun ,
welcomes everyone to rehearse the acts again,
same rituals repeated rehearsing at the dawn,
dawn till dusk the day delves silently into action,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 28/4/2015

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