Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2015

What Evil Taps~by Norman Wilson



What Evil Taps

Anxiousness seals my breath from within
As the howling wind rips through my core
Unsettling is the cold eerie thud of night
That rears a rapping and tapping at my door

Evil clothes the redwood upon my porch
An evil that gusts from a summer’s storm
While I dare to linger through evil’s trials
In hope to make it to a sun-drenched morn

The rapping is the nightmares of my making
That holds the skies above the sandy shores
For I wish the tapping would be gone forever
As a rapping and tapping starts once more

Who waits behind the threshold in the night
From the evil bringer of the rapping to my ears
I shall never go beyond the safety of my doorway
For the terror behind walls, that holds my fears

The dawn is coming forth on the new horizon
It shaves away the ascending dark of my fright
The nightmares of evil tapping on my veranda
Disappears with the new renderings of first light

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