Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2015

“A universal treasure”~by Eddie Pop



“A universal treasure”

There was once upon our time,
Some innocent fair creatures called women,
With sweet features in behalf of all men,
They were Savers of our time;
With nothing but words and love,
They never got tired of their invested mission,
They forgave despite men stole all the attention,
Their goodness was from above.
That was then, now here we are,
Centuries flew by, but they stayed the same,
So many pains, but yet they deserved their name,
They are treasures as they are;
They bore all our then heroes,
they have advised all our history makers,
With good mood, they’ve been our future bakers,
they’ve been peace for our heroes;
With pride, today is all theirs,
This historic day is all their moment,
The world should praise them for their past torment,
Today, the whole world is theirs;
This one day is their day off,
They can rest quiet, we’ll do it all for them,
Today, they’re all queens, we will just serve them,
This poem is my noble pay off;
They’re all national treasure,
Poets and singers should all sing their praise,
Princes and kings should embrace their pure grace,
We’ll cherish them with pleasure;
To protect them with brave style,
They are our mothers, sisters and sweet wives,
More than parts, they’re parapets of our lives,
We’ll eternalize your smile;
Today is all about them,
And this’s my tribute for them.


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