Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2015

…………Illusory trip!…………~by Naima El-Yaakoubi



…………Illusory trip!…………

And our appointement comes again
While the darkness is all around

Many whispers surrounding me
As the stars engossed in lullabying

The nighty zephyrs holding me
Like a feather carried by wings

It leads me to a place
Full of what called grace

I hear the moon call my name
While i was collecting stars

He tells that iam a treasure
And im equal billions of stars

He’s building me a castle of dreams
In which i live for many moments

He plants me on the biggest star
He makes me feels like a real star

Stars make me forget all sorrows
As it tells that time can conquer all

It’s my illusory dreams that i built,
With every bright star, in the nightime!

Naima Elyaakoubi

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