Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2015

“ submerged “~by Raj Babu Gandham



“ submerged “

empty my soul
and stay in my centre
drain my heart
and fill me your love
knead my flesh
with magic of your palm
tickle my skin
with music of your fingers
your kisses
on my moist lips
your tastes
of my flowering bud
swirl me through
your winds of love
whirl me into
inferno of your love
cleanse my skin
with drizzle of your love
fill my crevices
with your molten fire
flush my depths
wrung my body
freshen my heart
with your embraces and kisses

burn my rust
scale my peaks
set me free
from shackles of lust
let me fly
into the world of you
let me float
in love of you
let me live
loving you

~ yathi rajbabu gandham
copyright © author rajbabug 30apr15 1454 1431

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