Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2015

THE JOLT OF NATURE??~by DrSatinder Parkash Nanda




Humans egotistical glories
Superman’s highest stories,
Signs of superiority,pride,
Everlasting structural desires,
Burj Kalifa,Victory towers,
Skyscrapers,Kutub Minars,
Unnatural luxurious expression,
In the form of brick-stone pillars,
Highest living tombs, all killers,
One jolt of Nature’s furry enough,
To realize our miserable stage,
We were safe in earthly cage?
Lively wooden cottage, one room,
Under the shadows of friendly trees,
Fruits, flowers, green open lawns,
Enriching our days, lovely dawns,
Pleasing moonlit nights, realms,
Peaceful, healthy, life quite calm.
Sunshine, cool breeze,beauty-charm,
Fabulous living, joyous time, no harm,
Unnatural prosperity, dangerous more,
Lustrous luxurious greedy endures,
Unable to face the natural furious lore
Earthquakes destructive,aggressive sure?
Feet on earth, hands on brances nd fruits
Single story,happpy houses my love suits?
In the wild deserts,adventurous,family tents,
Natural scented wooden doors and roofs!!,
Life’s blissful natural,lively simple rules?

Copyright© Drspnanda”Aas”.. 29-04-2015

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