Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2015





The sun is delayed in sky
The stubborn crowd convicted in desires
Stop not to flow like an ancient River,
Cut and split the day drifted in endless rows
Burn heart like coals become smoky in works,
Dreams are accursed in treacherous tricks
Moldering life to turn into a carcass.

I read in the news paper their nuisance
In deathly appetites of crime
Burning a woman, killing people for gain
Pluck out the incense from flowers
Making the teen age girls pregnant in schools,
Provoking the vampire to write a verse
How is the man taken his place?
What should I say in wreathed- heart
The momentary spiritual flesh in temples?

A rich and sonorous plan for earning more
Streams over the people elusively,
The jobs are done by beautiful men and women
Crazily in dragging feet sing out life’s goals
Make money, make money caring not soul.

They dream and suffer spending out days
The dilated eyes make debris of roses
Blooming silently as an act of folly,
Mysterious man, strange man for cruel pains
Love like the cupboards of dining table
Used at the hour of delayed appetite.

The vampire sits stifled and old gnawing
Finds the sun coming out
The terrifying lies of life are its rays,
Blaze the languorous eyes of a paradise
Childish words of love in plaintive cries
Consumed in the verse of the vampire.


The old sun coughs like you in twilight
Back after the sweet carnage of the hours,
Giving up the smoky joys, you regretted
How paltry was the day vaguely toiled,
Flickered the brain in all its essence and growth
Though frail and sad being shattered
Succeeds bringing back life from sharp edge.

The light fades out leaving you lonely
People gather in the parks in cluster
Bent on pursuits of life dividing self
If only I can bear the chaos for happiness
Like snakes for food move in river of life,
Multitudinous plans, schemes warm gossip
Weaving a spider-net in awesome illusions
A lump of flesh for so many things
In their schemes for villas of amber
Search mines of joys turning life into a shop.

The hearts torn like waves gather at night
The sublime breeze of love cures the soul,
The old drains, carriages of rusted iron, rags
The voices of beggars in an arched circle
Frivolous men and women in streets vanish,
The mind blinded images replacing the moon
Silent like a sacred laurel true to the self
Plays the choir of love in multiple chords
Sleep begins to play, peace seated there.

How long shall you wait for sunrise?
The sun has covered its face out of shame
The sad voices of your love letters
Heap in mind as withered roses
Streams out oblique lines in anguish.

The suburb now catches bit of sunshine
A bloodless corpse lies along the street
Your eyes are locked passing across,
Hides all secrets of spirituality
People are busy in their rhymes of love
Travelling in broken roads confuses
Rocking you to sink below as man
How is your heart talks of love emptily.

Your luminous words are spectral thoughts
Priest ling for noble causes mists around
You burn and sooth in sunshine
Implores a vacuity of your values taught
How many children you patronized
Given a piece of cloth to hide nakedness
That is sublime, the first step to love.

A storm is collecting clouds
Hidden within it lightning and thunder,
The sun feels shy in the cave of its eyes
Ready to walk away for eternal darkness
A hard time altering the day like an old shirt
Giving a new look by the tailor.

Your homeless spirit in furtive pleasures
Obscure and uncertain steps for lust
In spring times golden measures
Vague and distant now in your winter,
The city rubs its eyes in sickly sighs
You understand nothing and speak lot
Playing songs in your broken violin.

The sturdy wind confuses your head
You stoop to sky those sterile clouds shout,
Untrustworthy like our heart in the street
The wispy tentacles of thoughts
Flattering, robbing, muffled in buttery words,
Contrary to what we speak.

How bright is the day caressing to learn
Touching in a soft tumult of desire in air,
The leaves in green and yellow dress
Rumble as belated beauty after they fall
In your garden in all their mystery.

You invigorate work like a lizard after a moth
Chasing it in half nothingness for goals
Linking with things in rapt desires
Used God for smallest contents of life
The ecstasy of rain never dwells in heart.

The bones rattle beneath the skin
Fictitiously attributes to error of a desire,
There is something thinking in us
Chasing a ball in the dark field for a goal,
Now your old joys shuddered in time
Wheeling no more your chariot of wish
Soul wakes up from ignorance of life
Recalling the days lost in remorse.

Our dream-boat is capsized in the sea
Your sun-gold body and ruby-talks
Swiftly vanish with anthem of life,
Swept away to cry in the tidy storm
Like an animal wounded never to be healed,
Bereft of the bliss of God
The purity, perfection and strength
Left bare in lonely corridor of house.
What is my soul? What are my deeds?

The roads round the city speak of distances
Faces blur in the mist faintly visible in light
Its crafty smile shimmers for swimming crowd
Muddling up life in endless desires,
You are never contended in your dreams
No sacrifice, no true love for the destitute
Never become a flower fresh in face
Shedding fragrance for people around.

The sun like the seller returns home
We beamed down pulling apart from mind
Pretending to buy the world in our will,
Immersed in the shredded rays of eve
We try to know the contour of our feelings.
In half-invested love of time-bound heart
Share feelings beyond our desires.

We never intended something and speak
How we become different in our home?
The day Played music of life in tense string
The endless anxious eyes steeply cuts feelings
The windy accent, an art unchanged for years
Tinged with words in the habit of saying.

I walked like a mirror carrying your reflections
Starving in expectations crippling truth,
Verily you can wear several masks on face
The poverty of soul sold to lies for glory.

You don’t believe in yourself is your fall
Playing in your own game you are trapped,
You are not scorched in own thoughts of life
Dreaming a rose plant in swampy forest.

We divide us in so many parts in a day
Knitting and weaving our simplicity at night,
How we take a path covered with moss
Slipping, falling and failing to be true to God.


Men and women dangle in a swinging gait
Resemble the lilies in moonlight,
But in the mind of travelers in arid desert
Searching rain-clouds in the streets,
The body like river in thirst swells in shower
Emancipate from the blazing heat of summer
The city hugs you in desire sprawling like leaves
Blown away from the tree in a stormy breeze.

Time has worn them drunk with pleasures
Life like a sun-burnt fruit in stinking taste
An ego sits like an obstinate tiger
Keep waiting for the prey in life’s rocky way,
The city steals away souls in thick darkness
Beat upon the heart false and distorted
Is your life yours you ask yourself?

So mundane you lose yourself from God!
Loneliness comes along with fear
The past like an old city perished long ago
Where once you were moon among stars,
The limpid mind like an old mirror distorts
Forgotten, forgotten even by the dust
The stiffening bones and your old shoes
Find you in clumsy gait strange to view.

Never knew the vile-plot you made for you
An ironic blindness for eternity in you,
Danced like a marionette in the string of time
In multiple roles missed sweet evenings
Playing lute of soul in lonely sea shore,
How you’re a tide to come and go
It is a matter of time in your calendar!

Life is so sweet sitting on the sand of river
It wakes up in morning to enquire its worth,
Your life is not yours, look for others joy
Live for millions of years like seers as stars
Appear in evening sky to speak for ever.

You are a seed hidden in the soil, invisible
Sprouting you find the beauty of creation
Shining with leaves and flowers for others.

The sun’s myriad rays glows through moon
Cools the desires in the illusion of sleep,
We live our life for another day
Eyelid flickers with the wings of bright rays
Unite us to the world like petals in flowers,
Still days are not easy for access to trade
Mingle life with the roars of the sea.

The feet are pulled by a motley crowd
The heart break like zigzag roads in the city,
The wind mill of mind vexed and relaxed
A rhyme of thoughts makes life to flow,
Century by century people come and go
Till the tired feet of a dancer stops to play,
We gather the totems of pleasures
We all return to our timeless home of God.

We cannot sit quiet to shrivel as nothing
Nothing we can do to the returning spring,
Our identity grants a known death
May be we servants or masters sing of life
Though reality differs for what we live.

We are visitors to earth for a vision of His art
Our true home is far away from the stars,
So we understand everything and nothing
We cease not visiting our many homes in space
All are mine to come for me time and again
Whenever we come we change his worlds.

Each sunrise is so precious for me to think
Listen to the little heart what it says,
Why are you caught like a snail in the sand of life?
The moon appears so close is so distant in sky
Hushed in a blessed-vision I brood over things
I lean upon the frosty night to feel the spring.


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