Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2015

O Master,~by Haraeen Hussain



O Master,

I bestowed to your serenity,
Since you have sown
The seeds of inspiration
Into my blank consciousness.
You guided me to the light
You shed the mist of shadows,
And showered the rain of wisdom.
You took me from my dreams,
And put the knowledge of love in my heart .
You nourished every fiber of my being
I learned the art of eloquence
From the jasmine at midnight
I found the real in unreal
I heard the unheard
I have been to the holy lands,
I met myself at the edge,
And we danced together
In divine harmony.
I melted like ice on glaciers
Till I dwelled deep into the passion of seas.
And I behold this world
In the depth of my eyes
A world that brings forth different dimensions
Every direction belongs and leads to You only.

Haraeen hussain

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