Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 2, 2015

Rhythm of Love~by Jessabelle Autumn



Rhythm of Love

I’m fading away from reality
Dissapearing myself into fantasy
Let my imagination runs the story
Because it’s the only place I could be happy

Being a dreamer and I am guilty
Neglecting the real love in front of me
But still, you wait for me patiently
Because you had promised to set me free

You look me in the eyes and you kiss me
Burning in this flame passionately
And somehow I could see clearly
I have found my home, my serenity

Bind me with your love for eternity
Let me float in your heart freely
Attach me with the strings of sincerity
And we shall play our beautiful melody

Dancing in the rhythm of sanity
Every step we take will kill insanity
Poison those doubts by holding me tightly
And we will love each other truly


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