Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 2, 2015

Why I Care~by rldubour



Why I Care

This isn’t going to be a mushy letter or any of the short.
This is just to express my feelings and keep them nice and short.
You asked my why I care? Well, I will tell you now.
This special gift of sharing I will try to show you how.
All your life you cared for those and gave them all your best.
And for nothing in return you did not ask for this request.
The request of being special in someone else’s eyes.
The request of being cared for until the day you die.
Why can’t you just accept this that someone cares for you?
To be there when you need them no matter what you do.
So take the care that someone gives and place it in your heart.
This special gift I offer you and have been from the start.
Don’t know if I explained it all in what I am trying to say.
Just knowing that someone cares can make you a better day.
No matter what does happen I know you’re always there.
By my side ride or wrong because I know you care.


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  2. Nice poem Ron!

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