Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2015

Beauty Sleeps In Dreams~by Norman Wilson



Beauty Sleeps In Dreams

Canvas blue painted in my dreams
As the ark of the sun bends its beam
Where waters run trickling to the sea
Under the swishing of the willow tree

I float with angels in a warmth-breeze
With leaves blowing as far as I can see
Sunshine is breaking through the clouds
Laying in billows of silver-white shrouds

White doves blanketing heaven’s skies
In a whiten wave before my wide eyes
As sounds of tiny heartbeats, fill the air
Above the statue in the village square

Bodies blossoming throughout the day
Children hard at work in parks of play
Climbing ladders and hanging on bars
As evening creeps with budding stars

Beauty lingers within my dreaming sleep
As all now goes quiet in the village night
While the river runs through the sea blue
As the weeping willow sways in starlight

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