Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2015

+++++++++++++ MY FRIEND +++++++++++++~by Vivek Dubey



+++++++++++++ MY FRIEND +++++++++++++

My friend
You say not to worry
If I hurt you and say sorry
In times of distress and crisis
You whisper in my ear
Just relax , I am with you dear

My friend
You encourage me like a true mentor
Direct me towards right path
If I am illusioned and confused
To choose among many paths

My friend
It’s only you who is there
Doing his best to help me religiously
Even if everyone leaves me alone
Seeing me in rough phases and suffering

My friend
Hiding your pain and tears
You don’t want still you dance
On my small small worthless wins
Just for sake of my happiness

My friend
You are now my heart and mind
Who loves and cares for me
Round the clock , with no stop
My friend
Me living without you now
Is nothing more than a living dead

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