Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2015

Cell phones~by rldubour



Cell phones

What technology has brought us, so we won’t be alone.

This little hand held product, they call it a cell phone.

Are we that important? We talk on it all day.

It seems we can’t go anywhere, without something to say.

Can’t imagine how we lived before we had this phone.

When we could not talk to anyone, until we all got home!


What a great invention, you see it everywhere.

While driving cars, grocery shopping, even doing hair!

At baseball games, at the malls, no matter where you go.

On the phone you keep on talking, to someone that you know.

Not to mention all those plans, what is one to do?

With so many different packages, which one do you choose?


With week ends free, the family plan, we have to choose just one.

After all we just can’t let ourselves to be out done!

From the young to the old, almost everyone you see.

They are talking on their cell phones, no matter where they be.

It’s almost like the old phones are from prehistoric times.

When you had to be in one place while talking on the lines.


How humiliating all this must have been.

To have to sit in one place to talk to all your friends.

They should invent a cell phone that you can wear upon your wrist.

So you can give your arm a break and health is not a risk.

What technology has brought us so we won’t be alone.

This little hand held product, they call it a cell phone.


  1. Great poem Ron, However they already have a cell phone to wear on you wrist.  Technology!  Unbelievable.  Brother Dan

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