Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2015

Daily missive for Monday the 4th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 4th of May.

He had stopped to wonder
Many times
Over the course of life.
It always seemed the
Right thing to do
In a world
So full of wilful ambiguity.
But more recently
The effort to find interest
In the affairs of man
Was a bridge
Further than he was able
To cross.
It was all he could do
To hold his gaze
When shaving.
Sometimes it felt
As though the stainless
Blade would peel
Away the weary skin
That looked so unlike
The pictures of his youth,
And reveal the truth

Of all he was
Beneath the broken
bloodied veins,
Sun dried squint
And crooked smile,
That once upon
A dream may have been
An attractive affectation.
What happened to
The promise and excitement
At the thought
Of every day?
And all that it may hold.
He had never thought to lose
The joy of wishful thinking.
Even when the future came
And went,
Leaving little left
To meet in expectation,
But he had not grown
Into his life,
Uncomfortable in his skin,
To the man he used to be.

Once his fruit had
Grown and ripened,
Friends had fallen away
Like cherry blossom
On a windy day,
Crushed beneath his feet,
Fragile petals, bruised
So thoughtlessly,
In ceaseless blunder,
Nothing left but ashes
And he scattered them long ago.
Even the bathroom mirror
Had disowned him,
All his failings, staring
Back into his face,
Demanding to be recognised.
And he knew,
There was nothing
He could do
But find the strength
To keep looking
At this strange reflection
Of what he had become
And hope one day
He would find a way
To understand
The timeliness
Of every progressive stage
And natural transition.
Maybe then he might
Accept his lot.
Or not.

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