Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2015

THE FULL MOON ~by Saroj Padhi

(on the occasion of my daughter SANGHAMITRA’S BIRTH DAY)



The full moon drags me across years
To craggy mountain tops and Budha’s thought-stops
Where peace floated on Govari’s waters of bliss
Without fears’ ugly hiss, in soft murmurs
Awakening her soul to wind’s gentle kiss ;

Where words of immortal love buzzed in ears of eternal wind
Like endless hums of crazy bees in sticky hives of a new find ;

You were an abstract dream of a mother in pains
And I, bound to narrow convention’s hard chains ;

There was a cry in the womb of mother Earth in tremors
Sprouting the seed of love into a new sapling of wonders ;

Why do our people raise their noses in hate of girls
When you my daughter shine like sea’s glorious pearls !!!

@ copy right : saroj k. padhi 04/05/15

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