Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2015

The yellow rose of friendship~by rldubour



The yellow rose of friendship

The yellow rose is an ancient symbol, encapsulated in salutation.

If only our leaders wore this rose, would there be peace among our nations?


The yellow rose of friendship, for the entire world to see.

Though her thorns are there to remind us, of life’s realities.


“Vitality”, to sustain life far reaching as it seams

The yellow rose in essence, will help us fulfill our dreams.


Next it relates to action, the quality one needs to face.

To nourish and encourage with each breath you embrace.


The yellow rose of friendship, what does this concept mean?

To be loyal to your friends and family, to respect their every dream.


This rose is more than petals, as if she wants to glow.

To let everyone know the meaning of the yellow rose.


Now we have come full circle, of the yellow rose it seems

The meaning of the yellow rose to every human being.

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