Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2015

“Dark red and Clear white”~by Eddie Pop



“Dark red and Clear white”

Believe it or not, this is what happened,
I was there with two eyes when happened;
He was an evil creature, a frightening face,
With disdain, being the loneliest case,
A man with nothing humane, as I saw,
The darkness in him would let nothing glow,
Two horns, a dangling tail, his skin was red,
He smelled death as if coming from the dead,
He must have eaten his own soul, he had none,
Whoever he was, his fate seemed undone;
Unlike him, she was the light of goodness,
With an enchanting soul, she smelled kindness,
She was more humane than any human,
With two white wings, she looked like a woman,
Her sight was what life could possibly be,
Whoever she’s, her face’s what I couldn’t see;
These two opposites stood well together,
Holding hands, they were dreaming with their eyes,
They were both vowing for a forever,
Cheering, I saw them flying to the skies;
They looked like Always and Never in one,
Breathing delight looking all the way fine;
I just knew not how to call their feeling,
Since I’d never seen it in my rearing;
All I could see was Dark red and clear white,
A devil and an angel owning the night.


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