Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 6, 2015

Calm Journey~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Calm Journey

On to a journey on my boat with old sail
My rudder broken no way to steer the way
My two oars old and weak to set the pace
Depending on the wind to set my course

The wind fickle and impulsive
Like a pixie jumping from leaf to leaf
Turning my boat left straight then right
Dizzy with the circuitous route

Turning the sail along with the wind’s current
Often scared that the mast be broken
Always aware of sharks in the sea
Waiting for my old boat to capsize

How I wish for a new rudder to set the course
How I wish for stronger oars to set my pace
How I wish for dolphins to chase the sharks away
How I wish… How I wish for a calm journey

Yet it is my destiny to travel onwards
Regardless of whatever comes my path …

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