Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 6, 2015

IN FUN~by Rajendra Padhi




The day wakes up me if I could catch
The breeze that flapped its wings on my terrace
Calls me to stare at the yellow tree
How it has blown away few of its leaves.

I softly grow in eyes swaying in depth
Down the street sliding fast like snow
Watching a man selling plastic birds to children
His loud voice is like spoonful of sugar in their mouth.

The fiduciary logic of buying cuisine for babies
My retina prints the hours as wonderful dreams,
Catching the speed of people in streets
Children cycling at speed to bypass the cars.

People like diamonds flickered bright
Striking my heart to hold them tight,
I ripple over the silky skin of their faces
In unequal beauty from the parlors.

We can learn if cool to that comes near
If we wake up the day can’t hide its face
Each moment is full of sport for eyes to feed
Life like each droplet of water making a sea.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K Padhi

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