Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2015

Memoirs…..~by Akshaya Kumar Das




nice memoirs,
a befitting tribute,
to a great leader,
who gave his blood & soul,
to the milieus’ cause,
whole life battles,
for rights of others,
till the last day of career,
a bête noire,
a standing ovation,
a short narration,
nothing suffices,
the heart does not fill,
till the last days’ feel,
the yeoman like attitude,
comforts for all in rectitude,
a poem did not compose,
from the poetic propose,
on the eve of retirement,
but still the incessant mind,
did not rest to kind,
a poem was born,
the very moment of turn,
all love for you,
man of great acumen, you;
forgive your follies,
adore your qualities,
you remain in the hearts,
for your good deed treats,
some say you are godlike,
some did not just like,
but still you pulled on,
caring the least who said what treating them fun.
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 7/5/2015

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