Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 8th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 8th of May.

The Library.

It is a haven
An enclave
Hidden in full view
And ignored,
By most.
The tide flows on,
Passing over
And around it,
Humanity screams,
Bellows with rage.
Empty cans
And fast food wrappers
Thrown in the air
As often as tantrums
At a Children party.
People stumble
Through the open door,
Drinkers in need of
A moment out
Of the wind.
Somewhere to sit
And sleep,
Or talk with friends
They met in a literacy class.

A grey old ghost sits
In front of a computer,
The words he
Would say if he
Could be connected
On skype.
And at the counter,
Signing in,
Being issued
With an identification card,
Somebody joked
They had not
Been a member
Since they were at school.
They always bought books
But may be the library
Was worth a look
On a cold day
In early May.
In the corner
A philosopher
Mused over the daily news
Another political hash
He should give it a bash,
He dished out homilies
And bottom of the bottle wisdom
For the price of a can.
If he could get away with it
Before the assistant
Shushed him up
And threatened
To have him removed.

She said he was disturbing
The job seekers,
As they surfed the web
Looking for their
Rainbows end.
A buttoned up type
In a worn,
Pin stripped suit
And dirty shirt
Sucked on his teeth,
And tried really
Hard not to
Touch anything.
Nobody really knew
What lay behind
His cruel, laconic quips
And tightly pursed lips.
But it was plain
He thought he was the better man
For his University degree,
And long pedigree of working,
Until he was made

His marriage failed,
Lost his home to a fire
And almost got himself jailed
For arson.
Nobody mentioned it
But it was always there
Hanging around,
In the background.
Another bad smell,
Poor house air,
For people with nowhere
To sit and just read,
Or to
Catch up with friends
When they were short
Of a shilling,
Or they needed it
For another drink.
After a precious moment spent
In relative peace
And quiet
Trying to read, learn
And think.

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