Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2015

My son, junior~by rldubour



My son, junior


On January fifth we had a baby boy,

And we know he’ll always be our little pride and joy!

His eyes are blue, he has no hair,

His weight six nine, his complexion fair.

His name, that’s easy as you can see,

We just named him after me!

Although he is not our number one,

He will always be our baby son.


With cowboys boots and jingling spurs,

He’ll be there when trouble occurs.

A broken vase, a lamp or two,

I know he’ll manage to lose his shoes!

He’ll be fighting with his sister

And anyone else he may.

He will even want to go outside,

On those miserable rainy days.


I can see it now the President,

Of these United States.

As we sit together fishing, my God

He is eating all the bait!

We will go to baseball games

Every Friday night,

I bet he’ll want everything there

Is to eat in sight.

With one man out on second base,

We’re heading home with a belly ache!


And then those picnics on weekend days,

“Come on we can’t be late!”

While unloading the car catch him quick,

“He is heading for the lake!”

I hope I am just exaggerating

And having a bit of fun.

Although he is not our number one,

I Thank God I got a son!

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