Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2015

Trebizond~by Paul F. Lenzi

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wound of geography
slashed by the swords
of a Black Sea crusade
Christian Greeks wrest
small thrones from
Byzantium carving
brief Hellenist refuge
exotic with commerce

a gateway for caravans
carrying contraband
fortunes in silk road
transactions converted
to splendors of palace
and public domains

an entrepôt drawing
great treasure ships
into this Caucasus
saddle-land serving the
dream merchants hailing
from Asia and Europe

the landing place dressed
to receive Marco Polo
en-route to his long
overdue reappearance
in Venice illustrious
covered with fame

this was tenuous empire
the last bastard offspring
of bloodlines first born
in the grandeur of Rome
short-lived but sumptuous
thriving despite constant
intrigues of enemy states
till the Turk at last finally
extinguished its flame

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