Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2015

VISUALITY IN WORDS~by Suzette Portes San Jose




words of poetry are born…
as consciousness roamed
into our imagination
uplifting spirit…
into illusions and dreams
beyond expectation

through time and space…
on its wings of freedom
it can soar as high
with wisdom…
so swift it can glide
through the sky

with mind full of views…,
convenes the glory
learned through life,
claims eternity…
prevailing knowledge
of what is perceived
…kept and prolonged
with passion in kind of certainty

on its own cannot be deprived…
from expressing the reality
confounded by truth or lie
the perception in perseverance…
of learning pursue one’s soul
…never be bound to deny

as to every bit of visuality
that invades our mind…,
dreams in fusion of desires,
gather them in heart
everything the mind…
conceived from inquisition,
soley kept from within to make a start

should time fails…
and keeps words of poetry
into silence
a poet’s heart and soul…,
will cry out
to withstand its absence

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