Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2015

Life in Nature~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Life in Nature

Life is a wonderful world for one to explore
Nature’s beauty and creatures all kind to adore
Man’s aesthetic creations to
Experiences that one would wish to have much more

The sun, moon, stars and planets, all parts of nature
Amazing dusts in a vast universe’s feature
Aeons long, origin unknown, time did endure
Humans but newborn babe in a space so mature

The blueness of the sky reflected by water
Liquid that vapours up and as mist clouds gather
White feathers, raked fields or black mounds does it matter
Soon, as rain, it shall come back to pour everywhere

Creatures of water swim, float, fly, jump or just stay
Scaly, thorny, shelled or flabs and skin anyway
Whale, squid, urchin, clam plankton, plants and manta ray
They’ve been on earth before humans came in to stay

Beasts that prowl, crawl and run in the woods and forest
Feathered fowls with wings to fly, search food, and build nest
Bugs, bees, spiders and all size ants with strength to test
Day animals and nocturnals, life goes without rest

Man in caves, metal and fire by chance did discover
Gave birth a new desire to control and conquer
For greater strength, in societies, men gather
Thus came about nature and mankind’s disaster

Story has it, Man tried to create and destroy
Knowledge and skills flow from desires Man did employ
Technology progressed all for Man to enjoy
Yet further and further goes Man’s elusive joy

Aesthetic beauty Man tried nature to capture
Unsuccessfully, Man copied Mother Nature
Mechanical and chemical pseudo structure
Minds set to recreate, acquire and torture

How much longer can earth, Man’s abuses endure?
How long before we accept Life is in Nature?

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