Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2015

Dark Mist~by Norman Wilson



Dark Mist

Ominous was the bright light images tracking the skies
Where firestorms stretched across blades of thunder
Rearing flames to cut a path of searing coals from hell
Unfolding flashes of trestles in porous dunes of wonder

Fire coveted the heavens where stars glowed in gold
While clouds were laden in an armament of virgin white
As a blackness twists then whips a stitching of darkness
That embellishes the womb of a blood red moon by night

The Lion’s crest lay stitched across my armoured breast
Where the serpents-head withers before the lions-heart
As I rose from the fires of black to a dawning blue horizon
Recovering from a branded night to a glowing new start

The ethos of night raised demons once now vanquished
Before a swathe of white crosses burning in scarlet-red
Where valiant art the knights of a new peaceful sequence
Ending the dark mist that laid waste to the demon’s dead

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