Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2015

Lawyers for the rich!~by rldubour



Lawyers for the rich!

First of all you must make me rich!

Not till then! Will I get my bag of tricks.

Like a wizard I will get you off.

But, for a price! It’s going to cost!

Right or wrong I don’t care.

I will put my spell on the jury there!

And make you look like you’re a Saint.

So damn good, the girls will faint!

Yes, I am a lawyer, watch out folks!

I will get you off and that’s no joke!

All the loopholes I have memorized.

To win your case right before your eyes!

My number is there, right in the book.

Just look it up, it’s under crook!


But, it must be cash for all you sinners.

And lots of money, to make us winners!

From murder to rape or home invasions.

I will come up with the right equation.

To set you free to sin again.

That’s the kind of lawyer that I am!

Now if you think your going to lose a case.

Call my number, don’t hesitate.

With my golden tongue, I will become a snake!

Well known people I most prefer.

My reputation must be preserved.

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