Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2015

Misfortunate~by Hela Tekali




Chasing a dream
That proves to be an illusion
Running after a flying ambition
Which turns out be futility and delusion

Sometimes you think you are fortunate
That life is smiling at your face
Your lifeboat on the edge to embrace
Then your sunrise turns into a sunset, a hollow space
And the rays of light into dimness
You wake up deluded and hopeless

Why am I so misfortunate?
Striving to rise up while i keep falling down
From dusk to dawn
My life is heaped with confusion

Sometimes I see my dream near to realize
My virtuous pen close to engraft and eternalize
Then I am faced with that illusion
stepping backward with misfortune and dreadful intrusion

Shall I be fortunate and patient
Never desperate in life and be lenient
We never take from life only what He has destined for us
Good or bad it all depends on our reap
Pray that we sow the best fruit of our harvest
And that our fate will not be turned into a misfortunate dust
For He is the righteous
And as toilers we will with our actions on His Holy words blindly trust

Jenayah Hela

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