Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2015

The Election times…~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Election times…

As the four wheels arrive,
with a loudspeaker on its roof,
run behind madly shouting with the speaker,
jindabad, jindabad , jindabad slogans,
filled the innocent ambience of the village,
the school boys winking through the windows,
wishes taking part in the following,
the leaders’ election visit,
cast your votes for his majesty,
all great promises made in amnesty,
from stomach fulls of food,
to all the good,
including the dilapilated structure to the village road,
all get a facelift for the leaders’ arcade,
promises fall from heave like cascade,
sweets in every mouth to sweetened words,
a leader who never did anything lived in words,
tall promises reigned the atmoshphere,
smiles across all faces from old men to children,
the village will turn into a city arcade,
water to electricity & what not,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 12/5/2015

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