Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 13th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 13th of May.

Am I to be persuaded
By the call of the sun,
In its encouragement
To the blooms of the garden,
As they shout their
Colourful delight.
Do I pretend to care.
Should the light from
The window
Brighten my day
And cause my prevailing
Mood to lift?
Improvement warrants
An acknowledgment
Of sorts,
When ambient light
Adds new perspective
To the view,
Warms the skin
And promotes such
Un-abandoned joy
In the flora and fauna.
Even the bees seem
To dance a samba.
Can I be so easily affected
By this common touch,
Or is it a season
To be jolly?

Can such a small
But subtle change in outlook
Move me to a revision
Of disposition.
Is it the brightness of passion fruit
The pinkish glut of flowers
Bursting into my line of sight,
Refusing to be ignored,
They seem to pout
So loudly does their
Simple swaying presence shout.
How do they do that?
If a man was to be so insistent
It would,
Indeed be harassment,
Instead of appreciation
For any obvious
And bountiful qualities
And lauded over for
Still being alive
I would,
Most assuredly,
Be arrested.

So much for equality
Of opportunity,
When the light of
The sun can reek
Such disregard
For ordinariness.
And in some small,
Immeasurable way
Lift the mundane
From the edge of
Life’s forgotten treasures,
Setting it,
So artfully and fully formed,
Before me.
Too obviously positioned
Not to be seen
Testing to see if I will refuse
Its worth
Knowing I will not.
It is a day
Full of blue sky
And the bountiful cry
Of summer.
Oh how beautiful
She sounds today.

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