Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2015

My Baby Girl, She is an Angel~by Norman Wilson



My Baby Girl, She is an Angel

I watched her run as a child
As she ran as fast as she could
I watched her stop to hear another
When she shook her head, she understood

Then the rain fell upon her
Wetting down her long brown hair
As a car came around the corner
While my little girl stood there

Sadness fell upon me
A sorrow I thought I would never know
The tears poured like the rain
That a father should never show

My baby is now an angel
Like the one, she used to make in the snow
My heart melts with the weather
Even when it is thirty below

When I look out through the window
Where I can see her running fast
She was always in front of all others
As she would never ever finish last

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