Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2015

WE SEE GOD EVERYDAY~by Rajendra Padhi




The music in the windswept cascade from hill
Merges in the river for sea in sweet murmur,
His manifestation my discerning soul knows
His golden eyes of sun turn silvery at night
His lips are scented petals attuned in harmony
Though in many names but is flower of love.

How often we see small things are great
God pouring in speck of dust to make a desert,
Little drops of rain to fill dry fields with grass
Small seeds in greatness half seen in eyes
Blown away in wind for newly born bower.

Our birth is god’s eternal art in earthly shape
Fated in ego we are like a lamp with no light
Wallowing in evil our mind loses his sight,
Blind are they who having eyes see not
How blind he is whose inner door is locked!

Stars are many but the sky is one
All days turn into years, years into time,
Nothing is unseen but illumined always
How he makes milk from mother’s blood
How the sun rays wear simple robe of light
Paints each flower in different colors!

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