Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2015

American Heroes~Special Post~ Memorial to the Springfield, Ma Police Dept. ~by rldubour

American Heroes~Special Post

Memorial to the Springfield, Ma Police Dept. ~ by ron dubour

Protect and Serve the ultimate price

With in a moment a life is lost

Protecting us was the cost.

In memory to those brave souls

Safer streets was their goal.


Protect and serve is their decree

For all mankind and family.

The fallen heroes gone ahead

Now at peace in heavens bed.


Senseless violence that we see

That leaves a void in family.

Only memories that are left

Our men in blue have done their best.


Sixteen souls of Springfield’s best

Since 1908 have been laid to rest.

Tuesday September 29, 1908

Officer Daniel J. Donovan

The first to walk through heavens gate.


Friday August 31, 1934

Officer Adelbert St. Marie

The second soul on this list

Roll call high above is where he’ll be.


Wednesday November 2, 1938

Officer Carl Rolf walked those stairs.

The third to rise above us all

With his brothers he now shares.


The fourth Officer John P. Sullivan Sr.

February 2, 1940 was a Friday.

The golden chain gets bigger

For our heroes we still pray.


Two Officers on this day

Officer Thomas F. Murphy

Number five to go away

February 2, 1940 was a Friday.


Officer Raymond T. Moriarty

Friday September 20, 1946.

Another soul gone to heaven

He will be the sixth.


Officer John W. Connors

Friday February 20, 1953

On the heroes list at seven

Brother in blue now in heaven.


Officer Leo G. Hamel

Monday October 31, 1955

Number eight to give his life

He ultimately scarified.


Eight souls are now in heavens home

With their brothers not alone.

With code of blue they’ll reminisce

Their loyalty has all be shown.


Officer Frances W. Sears

Monday September 11, 1967

Our ninth member joins the call

To be with brothers in heavens hall.


Officer Walter C. Juskiewicz

Saturday June 21, 1969

The tenth to leave his uniform behind

To join his brothers gone in time.


Officer William R. Berte

Monday January 8, 1973

The eleventh member to go ahead

Now to rest eternally.


Office Richard D. Vinneault

Wednesday April 11, 1973

Number twelve of our heroes

To a better place he’ll be.


Officer Paul F Mawaka

Tuesday October 30, 1973

Now thirteen resting in the hands of God

With his brothers he will be.


Officer Michael J. Schavina

Tuesday November 12. 1985

Number fourteen the records show

His angel called he had to go.


Officer Alain J. Beauregard

Friday, Novermber 15, 1985

Number fifteen the fallen list

Now with his brothers at their side.


Officer Kevin Ambrose

Monday, June 4, 2012

The last one of our missing heroes

With his fallen brothers he now dwells.


In heaven they all wait

The brotherhood of man

Still in blue side by side

Until all meet again.


God Bless our men and women

That are with us here in life.

To guide you and protect you

As you do for us each day and night.


  1. God bless you for this tribute – I am the proud father of a decorated police officer

    • Thank YOU very much my good friend! and I would be very proud of him as you are.

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