Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2015

Daily missive for Friday the 15th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 15th of May.

They ask for them
Every day.
You hear the call,
To cure cancer,
End the war,
Prevent hunger,
Bring happiness
To the world.
What would I do,
If it were true,
Or you?
Do you believe
In miracles?
And if you do
How would we know
They had happened,
When so much
Manipulation occurs.
It would need to be
A really big one,
To bring about change
For all to see,
And agree.
But then, what would
Be the point of life,
Should pain and suffering be
Accounted for
Without the need for
Any effort.
And what use

If important things
Were taken away.
Choice of outcomes
Removed from our hands.
No need for strategic
Or back to the future plans.
How can we live
Without the fear
Of failure,
To keep us
On the right track.
Reaching out
For better,
Looking for different ways
To bring the
Good times back.
Maybe we need
To agree,
We are the agents
And there truly is
Only one miracle
Worth a candle.
The grandest one of all,
The hardest one to call,
The miracle of me and you.
And it is my guess,
Whatever else
You pray for,
That will have to do.

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