Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2015

Golden silence ..~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Golden silence ..


the fishermen ,
and the sea,.
the dark waters of sea,
amphibians to fish,
the little boat,
carry the fishermen,
sea ward,
with their fishing nets,
when the sun sets,
darkness creeps in,
reflections ripple on the surface,
the wooden boat with heaviness,
sells ashore for little space,
the sea inside is calm,
serene & still,
the fishing boats’ tarpaulin,
obey the winds ,
the little fins of hope,
ferry fishermen home,
the lamp of lighthouse beackons,
beackon lights of hope,
from the turbulent waters to the shore,
golden silence for ever remembered.
(c)Akshaya Kumar Das 7/5/2015

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