Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 16, 2015

Daily missive breaks into the weekend. Saturday the 16th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend. Saturday the 16th of May.

It is only in the
Disharmony of reflection,
When distraction of thought,
With the merest of infractions,
Can wreak
Such a major
Dissolution of resolve,
That your own song,
Will change so abruptly,
From gentle ballad,
To the formlessness
Of rage,
Against the unknown
And little understood.
How does such a thing
As internal regulation
Be so dependent.
The mood of life,
So rendered,
By the subtleties of
The unconscious drift,
From one moment to the next.
Dependent on something
So indistinct an abstraction

As thinking.
When so much is said
And forgotten
Before a thought is formed.
And in the space
Of one question,
New worlds are created,
Histories written and portrayed.
Reputations destroyed
With just
The raising of an eyebrow.
Or in the heavy weight
Of just one, burdened glance,
Humiliation strikes.
The hot flush of flustered
Can bring chaos
To the fore,
Make impediments
Out of opportunity,
When no one
Else can see a problem,
Or really care, just you.
So keep your focus
On the task in hand.
There is plenty of time,
It is not yet,
Too late.
All you need to understand,
Is keep things simple,
Easy, sweet and gentle,
Keep on moving
And never, ever,
Over complicate.

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