Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 16, 2015

Sheared Skies~by Norman Wilson



Sheared Skies

It was a burnt dark eve in a smoked sky
In a blacken darkness pooling overhead
Feeding on a weeping earth and blue sea
As meteors sheared the skies in fiery red

Let us fly through the clouds of heaven gates
As black eats the moon before tearful eyes
From flaming lights searing the eternal dark
Turning the cobalt-blue into intolerant skies

Our universe has collapsed within the cosmos
Changing worlds into planetary fleeting dust
Crumbling the heavens into the end of days
Where opaqueness veiled the earth in dusk

We are but angels now at the gates of death
Before the ascending of the dead man’s switch
As collisions of old worlds fired its last breath
Upon a universe strewn into a cindered pitch

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