Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2015

============= I AM A POET ================~by Vivek Dubey



============= I AM A POET ================

I am a poet
And I have numerous ways to imagine
Past , present & future of
Any complex or other simple thing
I like to express
My thoughts , my feelings & my take on everything
In my very own words
Meant to touch all others heart’s

I am a poet
And I live in my own world
That differs a lot from your world
Sometimes I am confused
As I forget who really I am
A poet or myself
As I put myself again & again
Into shoes of so many people
Living in various kind of situation
With totally different level of motivation

I am a poet
And I deep dive into deepest oceans
To bring out what is hidden there
I keep flying with careless clouds
To learn how to live a tension free life
I enjoy changing seasons
As it teaches to make changes in life
If I want to be stable

I am a poet
And I might be a bit boring
With a nice hypothetical thinking
Sometimes people don’t understand me
And think I am a psycho
Still I am happy the way I am
Concentrating on my poetry

I am a poet
And I love to learn everything
That makes me feel humane
I want my words to narrate or present
A scene , a story or an event
That connects me with every common man
I wish when it’s my last breath
I am writing my own life , in my own words

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