Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2015

One World One Family~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



One World One Family

South East Scribe wandered, all over the land and yonder
She heard of a tribe, besieged and its besmirched leader
Scents came from familiar winds, she can’t help but wonder

Scribe turned her sails, and towards the tribe she navigate
Curiosity aroused desires to investigate
Recent moon, some in her tribe same winds did aggravate

She found the walls of the tribe secured from prying eyes
Scribe borrowed a friend’s cloak, so to enter in disguise
Sleuthing is not her trade, her actions were not wise

She saw the winds were already inside the town
Wondered if winds originated there with frown
Realized alleged powers, Scribe’s spirit fell down

Found her friend, Mercury there loyally fighting
The chief innocent and tribe’s rejuvenating
Joy filled the Scribe’s heart, still she sent her friend warning

Scribe found new friends from the tribe, meeting’s more than nice
When scribe joined the tribe, she was in for great surprise
Twas not a tribe, but a family of them all wise

The South East Scribe’s elated to find on this world
A family who the gods will listen to word
For this tribe of scribes has Aphrodite’s golden cord

This family has the soul of Equality
Sages have the mind of brotherhood’s Unity
And the heart of Compassion for humanity

“Behold, ye Gods! Man hath found the salvation tongue
Thy minions dared to gather before thee, though young
With passions and commitment, love’s paean has sung”

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