Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2015






Who would hold one night in deep regard,

Should climb a balsam scented trail;

And make a bed of pine boughs at its ending?

And watch the curling of the campfire smoke

Straight up the traffic of stars?


Should know the ageless stillness of a mountain night?

To feel a oneness with the furry things

That roam soft footed close beside…

To watch a swift light cloud so close above.


We reach to touch it with our fingertips

To scan a sky inhabited by stars.

With the mind’s conjecturing.

A star falls here, another there…

We lose the counting of them finally.


To watch and wait for what time’s calendar will stage this night!

For learned moon, this frenzied game

Of searching out the stuff of stars…

How million light years from the sun?

For us, it is enough… just now…

To feel included in this magnificent panoply!! …

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