Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2015

*Life Is A Journey*~by Bhat Naieem



*Life Is A Journey*

LIFE is a
Beautiful journey
From craddle to grave
Spiced with love and pain
Ups and downs
tears and smiles,
break ups and patch ups
Hopes and hazes
What you ask for
That you are offered.

In this journey
someday Somewhere
You meet somebody
strange but beautiful
Who steals your heart

Touches your heart
Takes care of you
Talks to you like a child
Changes your whole mindset
changes the man in you
teaches you how to live
Laughs at your vapid jokes
Dies in unendurable pain
when you cry
Gives meaning to your life
Unknowingly becomes darling of your heart
And is the only person
Whom you can call soulmate
Clocks run extraordinarily fast
When you’re together

Without whom you feel incomplete
And heart stops beating
Eyes pour cascades of pain
A moment passes like a year

Someday Somewhere
Life slaps your heart very hard
For they leave
Or change their direction
Or tyrant death snatches them
And catapults you in silence
And sheer darkness
Don’t lament on their leaving
Or don’t curse atrocities of life

For somewhere someone
Is waiting for you
Just wipe your tears
And start a new journey
With a new smile

©Bhat Naieem
All Rights Reserved


  1. Oooo that one really hit home. So true though…nothing ever lasts forever even if you want it to. You just have to keep moving forward.

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