Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2015

“Meet me at the fair”~by Eddie Pop



“Meet me at the fair”

I do not have a palace full of gold,
And I live in a shelter full of mould;
My shallow pockets are bruised with deep holes,
I make my living from miserable roles,
I did not have a promising nurture,
And there’s no certitude about my future;
I am not a prince with charming birth lucks,
I am just a poor man living in lack;
My lady, I know many did propose,
I know against them, I cannot oppose;
They come with everything I do not have,
I almost do not exist when they laugh;
All I have is a love that looks too old,
I have only your thought to fight the cold;
I should not love you, I know all too well,
You are not my rank, everything can tell;
But, my dear, I did not choose to love you,
I cannot control it; I just want you;
Perhaps, I will never have you at last,
For us in this time, there is nothing just;
I know I’m just fantasizing in smile,
But, dear, let me dream again for a while,
Give me tomorrow, meet me at the fair,
Come with me, let me play your loving sire;
I have love and happiness to give you,
In my arms, my only joy shall be you;

I am not the worthiest from above,
I am just a lover loving his love;
The man who knows you all too well by heart,
I do love you for real with all my heart;
If you choose me over all the others,
I swear on love there will be no other;
I will always look at you with Love’s eyes,
Even with wrinkles, to love you same with no lies;
My dear, I have nothing to impress you,
I will not hide, this is me all to you;
The last choice belongs to you, come to me,
I will be at the fair, come and read me;
I will wait ages to see you again,
Your scent is always flowing in my vein;
In my torn clothes, you will recognise me,
Standing, in love where we met, I will be;
still dreaming of a happy ending there,
Just be you, dear, and meet me at the fair.


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