Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 20, 2015

Daily missive for Wednesday the 20th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 20th of May.

Love and war.

Even in the spit of death
When its stain
And foul stench
Tarnishes a spirit
That grew, in spite
Of the pain
In its soul.
As blind greed beget
A slew of hatred
And fear blackened
The heart of hope,
Stole cherished dreams
Away from the
Grasp of children,
Stealing youth
As easily
As candy from
Out of the mouths of babes,
Love remains.
It is in the blood of the living,
And in the
Final thoughts of the dying.
In death,
They do not keen for power
Or wealth,
But the whispered words
Of a lover,
A mother.
A child’s kiss.
The beauty
Of a rainbow,
Or the tiny footprints
Of a single
Red breasted Robin
Through pure white snow.

The same journey made
Every year, across
Virgin territory
In search of food.
Watched from a window
Or a battlefield.
A free show
For the family.
A finer memory
Than a spray of blood
Splashed across the shirt
Of a friend,
Or the stink of terror,
That accompanies
The filth of a
Truly violent end.
A poison,
Pooling in the crucible
Of the soul.

Soiling the reservoir
Of love,
And purging the world
Of its saviours.
Such is the nature of war
And its creators.
It steals the fragile hearts
Of the unwary.
And the source
Of its strength lies
In the corruption
Of innocence.
Love is
Forever the redeemer,
And its power,
When recalled,
Remains pure
Deep within the heart of man.
It is a cradle,
For the foundling soul,
To feel its touch,
Even unto death.

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