Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 20, 2015

Suzie Q I miss this beautiful lady…..~by Melvina Germain



Suzie Q  I miss this beautiful lady…..

There you are in my arms,

my sweet and precious friend.

How I wish I could feel your warmth-

just one more day again.

My poignant thoughts come brilliantly through

when I harness much emotion thinking of you.

It was the afternoons of quiet visits

and the evenings discussing the blue.

In the loneliness of a silent night,

I’m sure your shadow is standing there.

Perhaps the shadows are merely a

semblance of your appearance, I’m aware.

Never-the-less, I hear your voice

and the sound of your laughter vividly.

I see you smiling O …! so wide and yes.

I remember you smiling so beautiful at me.

Suzie Q, you know I love you and always will.

Your spirit shares such a beautiful glow.

O yes! I see you behind the curtain of my eyes

your leaving is like yesterday, not so long ago.

Written by:  Melvina Germain

Date:          May 19/2015

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